Russel Crowel


Top Notch:
Master and Commander and Ciderella Man ​​($ 20,000,000)
Ragz to Rchez: the bad boy of the famous temper began to be taken into account in Gladiator who gave him a salary of $ 5 million. After getting an Oscar for her role as maximus, the new wage increase to $ 7.5 million in Proof of Life.

Ron Howard recruited him in A Beautiful Mind and this amount is doubled so that the lead singer Foot of Grunt 30 OOD is reaping $ 15 million he received in Gladiator were grown 4-fold to $ 20 million at the time appeared in Master and Commander and Cinderella Man​​. Certainly if Crowe does not appear bright in the Gladiator, a movie career and his wages will not rise gradually.

Worth the money? Although it is difficult to work with, there is no other reason for not taking this talented actor as a brilliant performance guarantee. Even comedian Crhis Rock said no matter how annoying acting and Crowe, all the films in any period should have to wear Crowe.

  • The Peak: Gladiator (2000), $ 187,670,866 (U.S.), $ 457,200,000 (Worldwide) 
  • Not to Brag: Heaven's Burning (1998), $ 5,000.

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