Tom Hanks


Tom Hanks
Top Notch:
The Green Mile and Cast Away ($ 20,000,000)

Ragz to Richez: Starting with $ 800 through He Knows You're Alone, Hanks became famous when it appeared in the Ron Howard film, Splash, which gave him a salary of $ 70 thousand in 1984. 10 years later, Hanks earned $ 70 million, including salary and participation for movies that deliver on his second Oscar, Forrest Gump.

When provided the voice of the cowboy Woody in Toy Story, Hanks was paid $ 50 thousand. For the sequel, Hanks directly experienced a drastic increase in wages as much as 100-fold to $ 5 million in Toy Story 2, though just the voice alone. For his performance is intact, Hans was given a salary of $ 20 million through The Green Mile and Cast Away.

Worth the Money? It is suitable pairing Hanks and Meg Ryan in the romantic comedy genre, because the original combination as reflecting the real America's Sweetheart. Although the public is getting bored now see Ryan, but it does not seem to apply to this cute-looking actor.
  • The Peak: Forrest Gump (1994) $ 329,693,974 (U.S.), $ 679,400,000 (Worldwide)
  • Not to Brag: Everytime We Say Goodbye (1986) $ 278.623.

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