Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey
Top Notch:
Bruce Almighty ($ 25,000,000)

Ragz to Richez: In Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Canadian actor was only paid $ 350 thousand. While Carrey is the most ideal person to play The Mask, but has not been popular because he only paid $ 540 thousand. To turn the character perfectly Lloyd in Dumb & Dumber, actors outside shooting often called behavior is rude and not funny at paying $ 7 million.

New in The Cable Duy and Liar Liar, she received $ 20 million. However, savings should be taken because of the division of property with Lauren Holly is in her divorce in 1997. Man on the Moon and Me, Myself & Irene also reward rose again to $ 25 million for playing the character unlucky reporter who protested God in Bruce Almighty.

Worth the money? It seemed only natural that Carrey was paid at that price considering the talent that could be considered very rare and unparalleled sequel to a movie starring Carrey first effort would be without him next Carrey project, among others, The Six Million Dollar Man. Or Should We Say 25 Million Dollar Jim?
  • The Peak: How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), $ 260,031,035 (U.S.), 340,400,000 (Worldwide) 
  • Not to Brag: Finders Keepers (1984), $ 1,500,000

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