Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler
Top Notch:
Anger Management ($ 25,000,000)

Ragz to Richez: Siwater this boy paid $ 8 million in Big Daddy. A year later, in 2000, wages have gone up drastically to star in Little Nicky, as much as $ 20 million plus 20% of participating. The man who sits in the top 32 in Forbes Power List is also requested $ 20 million fee for each film. But already fallen in love with the script, he was willing to pay only $ 7 million for Punch-Drunk Love which have protested the fans, but critics praised. Recruiting Jack Nicholson in Anger Management, he paid $ 25 million.

Worth the money? There are only 2 choices of Sandler: Hate him or love him. And symptoms, which initially included public first category for long migrated to the second category. All comedy CD platinum print, and Sandler has proven incapable of playing a role in a different genre. Even in 8 Crazy Nights, he provided the voice of four different characters at once and scored more than $ 118 million for The Longest Yard.
With his talent, can be sure the producers know for him to pocket more.

  • The Peak: Big Daddy (1999) $ 163,479,795 (U.S.), $ 233,800,000 (Worldwide)  
  • Not to Brag: shakes the Clown (1992) $ 115.103.

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