Mel Gibson


Top Notch:
The Patriot ($ 25,000,000)

Ragz to Richez: At the beginning of the end, Gibson wages of $ 400 in Australia to perform at the Summer City. Namany became popular when it appeared in Mad Max who appreciate them $ 15 thousand (Autralia), and grown to $ 1.2 million (Australian) for the sequel. Mad Max beyond Thunderdome. $ 10 million he got when appearing in Lethal Weapon 3, and salaries are doubled to Ransom and Conspiracy Theory. Being the voice of the animated Chiken Run just added 1 million pounds for the savings. After the success of Braveheart that was directed, Filmmakers seem to realize that Gibson is very suitable for the epic film. Therefore, in We Were Soldiers and The Patriot, Gibson earned a salary of $ 25 million.

Worth the money? Looks like Gibson as an actor better period has passed and more successful as a director. Projects subsequent Mel none was expected to reach the box office than Mad Max: Fury Road for the year 2005. But besides the fans to see movies that when the watch during this time may seem absurd?

  • The Peak: Signs (2002), $ 227,965,690 (U.S.), $ 407,900,000 (Worldwide) 
  • Not to Brag: The Million Dollar Hotel (2001), $ 52.526.

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