Eddie Murphy



Eddie Murphy
Top Notch:
Dr. Dollitle 2 ($ 20,000,000)

Ragz to Richez: Check salary of $ 1 million spent for Beth Murphy for Defense in 1984. Shown in Beverly Hills Cop III 10 years later, Eddie was rewarded $ 15 million. The Nutty Professor pay her $ 12 million only, but for the sequel, the man who had contact with Robin Givens was paid $ 20 million plus 20% of film revenues.

Since then honorarium Murphy remained at $ 20 million, among others, to Dr. Dollittle 2 and The Adventures of Pluto Nash really is not funny, even opinions can be spelled out only a little profit after paying salaries Murphy. Fill out the voice of the donkey in Shrek 2, Murphy paid the equivalent of Mike Myers, as much as $ 10 million.

Worth the money? Eddie Murphy's humor seems to still survive for a period of next 5 years. Moreover, when looking ahead, its flagship project is the sequel to Daddy Day Care for this year and Shrek 3 for the year 2007.
  • The Peak: Shrekk 2 (2004) $ 436,721,703 (U.S.), $ 901,021,703 (Worldwide) 
  • Not to Brag: The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002) $ 4,411,102.

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