Bruce Willis


Bruce Willis
Top Notch:
Hart's War ($ 22,500.000)

Ragz to Richez: Die Hard made ​​Willis reap $ 5 million in 1988. To fill the sound alone, this DemiMoore widower paid $ 10 million in the Look Who's Talking. This amount increased again to $ 15 million for the sequel to Die Hard, and to $ 17.5 million in 1996 when appearing in a Last Man Standing.

Armageddon just give him $ 14.8 million, but the success of The Sixth Sense extraordinary generated $ 100 million for salaries, gross income and participation Willis for his video. Conscious resale value is still high, Willis get $ 22.5 million in Hart's War, when earnings movie itself is only $ 19 million in America.

Worth the money? Looks like Willis will still be a successful career for the next 5 years. Sin City, which starred, including success with profit of $ 73 million in America, and he has been in contract for Die Hard 4.0 in 2006.
  • The Peak: The Sixth Sense (1999), $ 293,501,675 (US), $672,800,000 (Worldwide) 
  • Not to Brag: Grand Champion (2004) $40.874.

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