Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio
Top Notch:
The Aviator ($ 20,000,000)

Ragz to Richez: DiCaprio received $ 1 million has not been too well-known stage and starred in The Basketball Diaries 1995. For a movie that catapulted him and got 14 Oscar nominations, he only paid $ 2.5 million in the Titanic. With a well-established credit, she paid $ 20 million for The Beach, even though the film itself earned only $ 39 million. Leo seems to want to prove that he is in fact not just eye candy and began to engage in serious films such as Catch Me if You Can and The Aviator where he performed brilliantly in exchange for $ 20 million.

Worth the money? Many also can be seen from DiCaprio in addition to a handsome face, and it has been proved Leo through his role as Howard Hughes. Although failed to win an Oscar, a brilliant performance making the producers to sign for roles in films that weighs, like in The Departed and Alexander The Great for 2006. By penetrating the Academy Awards, can be sure of his salary could still rise again.
  • The Peak: Titanic (1997) $ 600.788, (U.S.), $ 1,835,400,000 (Worldwide) 
  • Not to Brag: Total Elclipse (1995) $ 339.889.

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