Mike Myers


Top Notch:
Austin Power in Goldmember (25,000,000)

Ragz to Richez: Myers was thanks to his role as the fool Wayne's World, because not only the film is paying $ 1 million early in his career, but also an excellent resume for the next films. Paid $ 3.5 million for its action. Wayne's World 2, Myers also received $ 3 million for Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Austin Powers Action gave him $ 7 million, so even the success of the Austin Power in Goldmember pay $ 25 million for this shy guy originally. To fill the sound in Sherk, Myers in wages $ 3 million and $ 10 million for Sherk 2. 2 times the wages of Tom Hanks. Once again to the voice alone.

Worth the money? Indeed, humor Myers offered in each of his movie sometimes feels very foolish at first, but apparently that's what makes a public addicted to seeing again all the typical! Food films that starred always be counted successful weight.
  • The Peak: Sherk 2 (2004) $ 436, 721.703 (U.S.), $ 901,021,703 (Worldwide) 
  • Not to Brag: Mytery Alaska (1999) $ 8,890,140.

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